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Let’s Face the Reality

Written by Jovelyn V. Saldaña   

Environment and Corruption- two issues related to one another as what the present situation  is pressing. After the devastation made by typhoons such as Ondoy and Pepeng , it’s obvious that climate change greatly affect  the lives of many Filipinos.

We are experiencing the vengeance of Mother Nature and paying for all the inhumane actions we did for our environment. And how is corrupt ion related? If there  were no corrupt government officials who allowed the illegal loggers to deforest mountains, who gave permission for the land developers to convert  mountains and ricefields to high rise subdivisions and other industrial infrastructure which led to the death of hundreds of people, increasing number of missing and thousands of victims of these killer floods and leaving damages worth billions  of properties.

Filipinos never learn lessons from the past during 1991 when typhoon Ruping wrecked Ormoc City- killing more than 6,000 residents and the perpetrator – the continuous illegal logging in the said place.

It wasn’t the government who should we blame- even everyone of us has a part for the continuous destruction of our environment. The use of plastic and chemicals, and improper waste disposal are only few of the irresponsible acts we do to hurt our nature.

Let’s face the reality everyone has a responsibility to take care our environment. We can’t point fingers to anyone, blame someone to the wreckage of our nature. Let us save the environment. Fight corruption!


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