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Beware of Disaster: Some urgent down-to-earth reminders

Written by Annabelle B. Ambrocio   

Philippine is one  of the countries frequently experienced different disasters from typhoons, flashfloods, volcanic exceptions and earthquake still Filipinos were able to stand against all odds.

As what one television plug reminds their viewers: I M Ready- Magplano, Magsiguro, Makibalita- here are some life- saving, street – smart tips to do in case of a typhoon:

  1. Stay indoors and be calm.
  2. Secure your home.
  3. Stock up on food potable water, kerosene, batteries  and first- aid supplies.
  4. Stack furniture above the expected flood level. Keep appliances, valuables chemicals, toxic substances, and garbage beyond the reach of floodwaters.
      • In case of flooding turn off the main source of electricity, gas and water in your home.
      • Do not use gas or electrical appliances that have been flooded.
  5. Monitor TV and radio reports. Radio is your best bet, especially when there’s power out age. So keep your supply of batteries handy.
  6. Keep a flashlight with fresh batteries , handy too.
  7. Avoid wading through flooded areas. Be careful of water - borne diseases brought about by floodwaters.
  8. Stay away from anything that conducts electricity. Get out of water; it conducts electricity.
  9. If you are outdoors seek shelter from lightning. If you can go inside the house, enclosed car or large building.
    So next time you experience typhoon be ready and be sure you follow these door-to-earth reminders.

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