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Hidden Heaven: Ilog Carugang

Written by Fergie Fabian   
Friday, 04 May 2012

The moment you catch a glimpse of it, you will feel like a wanderer in the dessert who finally saw the oasis.

Ilog Carugang (Carugang River) serves as the gateway to Sitio Carugang, a far-off place in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. The river has been a silent witness to the harvesting of what the people of Carugang had sown, for merchants have to cross the river so they can buy the crops the farmers planted and reaped.

Carugang River

The flowing water of the river is never dangerous because it is shallow. People can even cross it simply by walking. It flows straight to Pampanga beneath the walls of Sierra Madre, giving this place an even more beautiful ambiance. Ilog Carugang is one peaceful and quiet place to loosen up, and even to have picnic and photo-shooting with family and friends.

Ilog Carugang and Sierra Madre Mountains

Carugang River at Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija

Ilog Carugang will surely revitalize your drained bodies. Your travel to this river will end with a very rewarding sight. Let your eyes rediscover Nueva Ecija. Feast through its nature and find yourselves craving for more.


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