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The good traits of a grade one teacher

Written by Juvy P. Cruz   
Monday, 11 July 2011

Teaching grade one pupils are both tiring and fulfilling.

It could give us inner joy and satisfaction. The feeling is unexplainable.

Teaching is rewarding. It is a gift from above. you should know that god put us in this plane, because of a certain reason. He knows that we could do the job well.

Patience is very much needed with grade one pupils.

If this trail is not embedded in us you will end up crying in the corner because children at his age can bring us headaches with their noise but at the same time brighten our days because the noise coming from them when they are reading bring so much joy and such noise is music to our ears.

Compassion is another trait that we should have. We should give them love and care because they spend most of they time with us than with their parents.Imagine that the are in school for ten months and five days in a weak. let us make their days enjoyable and not miserable. Let us make them feel at home. If we are compassionate with them lessons can be easily injected and surely they would love to go to school everyday.

Enjoy being a grade one teacher If the pupils see and feel that in you they will also fell the same way.Our enjoyment in teaching could attract the pupils because it is contagious. Joy in teaching encourages creativity and eagerness to learn.

We are in this profession for a purpose. We did not choose this but we are the chosen one.


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