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Teacher : A True Blooded Mother

Written by Sisa H. Parrera   
Monday, 11 July 2011

Once a teacher, always a mother. It is not actually necessary for a person to be married and to have a kid just to be a mother; even a spinster could be one. It doesn’t need for a home to live a mother; a school could already be a place for a motherly love.

 As a domestic mother dreams of giving her children a better future, a teacher as well is molding her pupils to have a better life and be the best posterity.

As a real mother provides the basic needs of her children, a teacher provides the basic knowledge that a student needs. A mother considers giving her children nutritious food from the food pyramid to ensure their good health, a teacher considers teaching her lessons from different references such books and Internet to ensure the pupils mental development.

 A mother looks for a child who is not yet home when it’s already late, likewise, a teacher queries for an absent pupil and for those who are late.

 A mother never leaves her house without preparing the things that her children will need for that day, a teacher would never leaves the school without being prepared for the next day’s lessons.
 A mother attends and gives first aid to her sick child and always stays around until her child is well, a teacher always gives a cure to a slow learner through its remedial teaching and reinforcement until her pupil is very well.

A mother keeps the house clean for her children, a teacher keeps her classroom tidy and teaches her pupils how to maintain it and believes in the principle that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Mother imposes values to her children by reprimanding them for their wrong doings and so is the teacher who is applying reward and punishment for the good values to be strengthened.

Indeed, the teachers’ work is as noble as the mothers’  duty. They are the one concerned of what life would really be in the future and they are dedicatedly taking their part. Teachers cannot be compensated by any amount of money for their taxing work but indeed no one can question that they are true-blooded mother.

Sisa H. Parrera
Teacher-III SNES


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