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Bataan Province Information

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Bataan Province Information
Bataan History
Tourist Attraction
Bataan is considered as a center of activity of a written account of important events and their causes of Central Luzon. We must find out the charm of Central Luzon with this greatly surprising historical and cultural province. Bataan, only one hour by ferry boat across the Manila Bay from Manila, is now showing the truth by evidence to be a tourist shelter having and displaying proudly a great number of stimulating places to go to see, and persuading things to do. This province has great quantity to present for acceptance. These are wealthy culture and history, the loveliness of fresh beaches, and a friendly hospitality of true Filipino.

Bataan is bounded on the north by the provinces of Pampanga and Zambales, on the east and south by the Manila Bay, and on the west by the South China Sea. It is a peninsula located at the western portion of Luzon. It is the province with smallest land area in Central Luzon measuring 137, 296 hectares.


Political Subdivision
Bataan consists of one city, eleven municipalities and 238 barangays. This province is classified as a second class province and has two congressional districts. The City of Balanga, the provincial capital is about 124 kilometers from Manila.

Bataan has two different seasons. This province is dry from November to April and wet from May to October. Its coldest months are December and January while its hottest months are April and May.

Established on the increase rate o 2.12 percent, the population of Bataan was 552,000 for the year 2000.

Tagalog is the chief language constituting 86 percent of the total population of the province of Bataan. Pampango came after with ten percent and the rest speaks Ilocano. English is utilized mainly as the means of bargaining in business.

Major Industries
Bataan continues fundamentally an agricultural province despite of the very fast industrialization during the last ten years. This province is a major producer of banana, mango and palay. There are big industrial establishments in Bataan such as export processing zone, modern oil refinery, munition and carbon plants, pulp and paper mills, and thermal plants. Mariveles is the place of an export processing zone that is the cause for heavy industry in Bataan. Brooms, ropes and shell craft are some of the home industries. Some of the hope giving livelihood programs are cattle and carabao fattening, hog rearing, and poultry industry, particulary broilers, ducks and egg production. Tinapa is one of the livelihood products of the coastal towns in Bataan.


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