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The Importance of In–Service Training to Teachers in our School System

Written by Ms. Maricel B. Factoran   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

In–Service training program is frequently organized every year to orient new comers or to orient the old ones. They are scheduled in such a way that after a national or regional program for a definite area or objective has been held, echo or seminars are conducted in the different divisions and later in the schools within. The organizers of the programs vary from year to year and are tailored to the needs of the teachers as well as the school system.

The purposes of in–service education are the ff.

  1. To promote the continuous improvement of the total professional staff of the school system .
  2. To eliminate deficiencies in the background preparation of teachers and other professional workers in education.
  3. To keep the professional abreast of new knowledge.
  4. To release creative activities
  5. To give the much needed support to the teachers who are entering a responsibility or a new field of work especially the new teachers.

Ms. Maricel B. Factoran – Teacher II
Lamao Elementary School


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