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Aurora Province Information

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Aurora Province Information
Aurora History
Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction

Ampere Beach
The Ampere Beach is situated in Dipaculao, a town located north of Baler. This beach is covered with smooth rocks that vary in size and are darker in color. An area called Bunga Point or Ampere Point is located next to Ampere Beach.

Baler Catholic Church
The Baler Catholic Church served as the last Spanish military post of four officers and fifty men attacked persistently by Filipino rebels on June 27, 1899. the La Campana de Baler, an old-fashioned high quality bell, was utilized in this Catholic Church and later deposited for safekeeping in this church as relic.

Balete Park
About three and a half kilometers fro the town proper of Maria Aurora, a town located west of Baler, is Barangay Quirino where Balete Park is located. The main attraction of this park is the huge Banyan Tree that could fascinate tourists for its large in size main stem and extremely large canopy, the uppermost spreading branchy layer of a tree. The Banyan Tree is approximately 60 meters in height and its canopy measures almost 60 meters in diameter.

Cunayan Falls
Cunayan Falls is located in San Luis, a town located south of Baler. This falls is one of the easier to reach falls in Aurora, and fit to be traveled on to most vehicles. Its mild temperature causes it perfect for washing of the body.

Bulawan Falls
Bulawan Falls was given a reward as "The Cleanest Inland Body of Water" in the region. This falls has a height of a hundred meters from the ground erecting nobly on the uninhabited region of barangay Paleg.

Digisit Beach
Digisit Beach is located in Baler, the capital town of Aurora. The farther inland shore of Digisit Beach is for the greatest part sand while the water shores are barriers of corals making a protective chain of rocks that stops strong waves of the Pacific Ocean from wrecking against the shore. This place is ideal for diving and for snorkeling.

Lamao Caves
Lamao Caves is an arrangement of caves bent along the high steep face of rock in the seaside of Paltic, Dingalan. In the caves, there are cave showers and highly pleasing natural waterfall pours forth copiously inside from the underground stream. There are small beaches where bancas harbor in between caves, and sharks and giant turtles seen along the place of the caves.

President Quezon Memorial Park
PQMP is located at the most important part of Baler town, the birthplace of the former Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon. A marker carrying a short statement of facts of life of the former President is found at the center of this park, where the house of the Quezons formerly erected.

Sabang Bay
Sabang Bay is located in the eastern part of the town of Baler. This bay is perfect for surfing and believed as one of the country's best site for surfing competitions. Accommodation and places for pleasure are obtainable or usable.

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