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First Egg Festival Of Minalin In Pampanga

Written by Remon   
Thursday, 17 July 2008

The first Egg Festival of Minalin, a town recognized for producing more than a million chicken egg a day, in the province of Pampanga was held last June 4. It was visited by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whom Minalin town officials directed by Mayor Edgar Flores luxuriously entertained with a display of their egg produce. For those who partook in a merry celebration, a taste test of about 10,000 boiled eggs was made ready.

On the other hand, about 80,000 eggs were contributed to nearby provinces destructively hit by typhoon Cosme by 70 poultry raisers of the town's first egg festival. Of the 80,000 eggs, about 60,000 were brought by means of a caravan of trucks to the typhoon victims in Pangasinan, while about 20,000 were brought to Zambales.

We hope the 70 poultry raisers of the first Egg Festival of Minalin will extend their charity to the victims of typhoon Frank by donating about 100,000 eggs to be brought by means of barges to the typhoon victims in the island of Panay. [via gmanews.tv]


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